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People often lose teeth as they age. One can also lose teeth following an accident, or   prematurely if there is disease present in the tooth or supporting bone and soft tissues. Whether you lost a few teeth or many, dentures and partials can quickly return function and aesthetics.


What Are Dentures or Partials?


Dentures are artificial teeth. They are prosthetic devices that can fit into your mouth and replace a few or many missing teeth. When you have lost teeth, dentures can return function and stability to your mouth.  Not only will this allow you to eat and speak again with confidence, they also restore your smile.


Dentures come in two basic varieties – full and partial.  Full dentures replace a full complement of missing teeth.  Full dentures are specifically fitted and are held in place by a ridge of jawbone and the muscles of the cheeks. They can be a great solution when all teeth are missing.  Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth with a section of realistic looking artificial teeth.  They are usually attached by a metal or plastic structure. They attach to surrounding teeth with clips to fill the gaps left by lost teeth

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