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Mission Statement

The Mesa Dental team will provide superior dental treatment with exceptional personalized service.

We will inform our patients about the benefits of comprehensive dentistry.

Our ultimate objective is to help our patients improve the quality of their lives.


We aspire to achieve these goals while creating and maintaining a warm, friendly and caring office.

We will strive to be known for providing the finest dental treatment in a patient

centered environment that is sought out by those who share these values.


Core Values of Dr. Tina Mann & the Mesa Dental team


  • To keep up with the ever-changing advances in dental science and creating the most modern dental office possible so that we can provide our patients with the best results that today's dentistry can offer

  • To work together as a team to run an efficient practice considerate of our patients' individual needs and concerns

  • To design the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient

  • To educate our patients on how to achieve and maintain optimum oral health and how it relates to their overall health

  • To inform our patients about the benefits of cosmetic procedures that can improve their smile

  • To create an office atmosphere that changes the way our patients think about dentistry

  • To strive to foster patient relationships based on mutual trust and the best patient care available


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