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Mesa Dental Smile Saver Plan

No Dental Insurance? No Problem.

Mesa Dental Smile Saver Plan is a discount dental program, not dental insurance. This program is offered to our patients who do not have dental coverage.


The Mesa Dental Smile Saver Plan is an alternative for businesses, families or individuals, who want excellent dental health coverage without the barriers of a traditional dental insurance:
- No waiting periods
- No annual maximums
- No pre-existing conditions exclusions

- No hassle dealing with insurance companies

All dental services are offered at least 20% less than Mesa Dental’s normal office fees (UCR). Payment for the above services is due at the time of service, and all payments are made directly to:

 Christina Mann DMD PLLC doing business as Mesa Dental


Mesa Dental Smile Saver Plan offers members a comprehensive dental package of dental benefits. The plan covers Diagnostic, Preventive, Restorative and Cosmetic Services.


ENROLLMENT FEES: $150 per person per year.

Everyone that does not have a dental insurance plan is qualified to apply for our Mesa Dental Smile Saver Plan. Participants are eligible upon payment of the enrollment fee. This plan is administered solely by this dental office and may be discontinued at the end of any month, with or without notice.

Membership in the Smile Saver Plan may be terminated if the member misses multiple Appointments, or for abuse and failure to pay membership fees or properly billed treatment.



  1. Dental services not provided by our practice are not covered by this plan, even if they are recommended by our office, such as referrals to specialists.

  2. Any dental procedures in progress or performed before or after a member’s eligibility period is excluded.

  3. Any dental services provided to the member by the state, county, or municipal agencies, or dental services provided without cost to the member is excluded.

  4. Dental plan discounts for dental services provided in association with benefits received from an alternate source (i.e. Worker’s Compensation) is excluded.

  5. Our plan is offered to patients who do not have dental insurance coverage


Cancellation should be sent 30 days prior to the expected date of cancellation.

If the plan is cancelled by Mesa Dental, a pro-rated portion of the membership fee will be refunded to the member if account is paid up to date.

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